Prank Request

Before you submit your prank request, read the rules!

Before you click submit, read the rules!

If you have a list of numbers, please send them to me as a Word Document, PDF, or Text File at:
Email not clickable for anti-spam reasons, please type it out yourself.¬† Also, tell me what the list is. Don’t just send me numbers without any background information. I need to know who I am pranking and what the list is. (Neighborhood Directory, Staff Directory for a business, etc.)

Okay, before you click submit, you need to read this!

  • You are FULLY 100% Absolutely responsible for your actions and any undesired outcome resulting from a prank call is your responsibility.
  • You are NOT allowed to get mad at me if somebody figures out it’s a prank and somehow finds out it’s because of you. Know who you’re pranking and use common sense. If they are a smarty pants who always figures out your jokes, maybe we should leave them alone!
  • I reserve the right to ignore you, or decline a prank call.
    • If you contact me and I don’t respond, just move on. If you think your prank would be really epic, you may email me your request ONE more time. After that, leave me alone.
  • Don’t ask me to do anything illegal (such as verbal threats, or anything that would get the police or FBI interested). If you request anything of the sort I may at my discretion report you to the authorities.¬† Seriously, through let’s just have fun!
  • Prank Calls are supposed to be funny, I will not say anything really mean.
    • If somebody starts to get really mad or upset during a prank call, I may let them in on the joke (without revealing your identity) by telling them it’s a prank and that they should not get mad.
  • This is not a place to request revenge or harassment of somebody (exception to this rule would be Phone Scammers & Telemarketers).
    • If somebody is harassing you, you should block their number or call the police if it’s serious.

So, now that you’ve read the rules, what do you want to do?

I Want to Prank! Take me to the Submit Button!

I have decided not to prank today. Take me to the Homepage.

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