Hotel Calls

Jim the Hobo
Ken the Hobo
New York Guy
No Fax Machines Allowed
Wake Up Calls 1
Wake Up Calls 2
The Boiler Room
Killer Robots

Restaurant Calls

Bed Pan Pizza
The Gerbil Pizza
The Possum Pizza
Cici's Pizza 1
Cici's Pizza 2
Cici's Pizza 3
Arby's Complainer

Playing on the Roof

Judith's Roof
Playing on the Roof

Calling the Gym

The Lunk Alarm

Calling Convenience Stores

Mentos & Soda
Flip All the Switches
Flip All the Switches 2
Anna Flips All the Switches
Flipping Switches in Boston

Ringing the Bell

Bell Ringing 1
Bell Ringing 2
Bell Ringing 3

Rental Property Pranks

The Haunted Basement
Flushing a Toilet Down the Toilet

Automobile Pranks

Matthew's 3-D Printed Car
Stephanie's 3-D Printed Car

Easter Pranks

Santa vs The Easter Bunny
Spraying The Easter Bunny

Horrible Prank Calls

Cremating Harold

Craigslist Prank Calls

The Haunted Piano
Fish Tank Baby

Matthew Furman On-Line

2019 Matthew Furman On-Line