Telemarketer Vs. Robot


For those times when YOU don’t have time to torture your telemarketers in person, there’s a new service that will do it for you!

Check out to learn more or to sign-up.

I am personally one of their customers, and highly recommend you sign-up for this awesome new service!


Here’s some incoming calls to my phone line that were sent over to the Jolly Roger…

“Rose” from the funding source calls to offer me a business loan.

It’s very faint, but listen carefully around 3:10, she whispers “it’s the guy with the bee.”¬†¬† “the bee” is part of the original Jolly Roger bot script where the bot tells the telescum there is a bee on his arm. The fact that she recognized the “bee guy” means that this service is making an impact!

Business Loan Scammer

Another Business Loan Scammer

Roof Inspections Telemarketing Call

Police Association Fundraising Scam Call


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