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May 9

Elvis Found Alive, Trapped in a  Verizon Telephone Switch for 38 years!

Elvis has been found alive, but trapped inside a Verizon Telephone Switch in Brooklyn, New York. Phone Phreaks discovered Elvis in the switch while scanning for test numbers with a war dialer. Verizon was unable to be reached for comment on this matter. However a former lineman said under the condition of anonymity it was an inside job of New York Telephone workers who were disgruntled after missing a concert back in the 1960s. It is unknown how they got him inside the switch, but it's clear the technology Bell Labs created was more advanced than we knew. It's certainly gonna take more than a standard TouchTone® keypad to get him out. You can call (718) 238-9901 to hear Elvis in the switch.

Don't have a browser that supports HTML5 Audio? Listen to the recording here

Want proof? Call (718) 238-9901.

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This "news" is satire and made-up. But the phone number is a real test line for a Verizon DMS-100 switch :-)